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We Care About Our High-Risk Merchants

You see, while most of our competitors claim they specialize in nearly every high-risk industry, the truth is they don’t actually specialize in anything! We have chosen to become the World’s Number #1 merchant account provider.

Chances are that if you are reading this right now, you probably were referred by a friend who we helped get a Web based Virtual Terminal. We have quickly become the most reliable company for business owners who absolutely need to be approved for a High-Risk Merchant Account or Payment Gateway in the shortest amount of time possible.

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High Risk

Credit Card Processing Experts:

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If you’re tired of searching for a fast an easy way to process credit cards – then your search ends here! We can get you started using a Virtual Terminal within 24 hours. In fact, our competitors are now referring their customers to us!


Whether your merchant account has been shut down, or it seems that nobody wants to help you get a merchant account, there is a great chance you will go out of business if you can’t process large volumes of credit cards every week. That’s why we are here!


We process online applications very quickly. Once you’re approved, we will get you set up with a Virtual Terminal which leaves you in control. You can finally process credit cards! Stop looking and head to our “Get Started Page” now!


Getting you paid 5 days a week has become a top priority. Our merchants are extremely happy with their lightning-fast regular payouts. Get singed up now to process credit cards with us, and you will not be disappointed.

Process Your Customers Credit Cards

on your Laptop, Smart Phone and Your



Lightening Quick Approvals (24-72 hours)


Super Low Processing Rates (Starting 3.49%)


Excellent Domestic & Offshore Solutions

Your Approval is Guaranteed


If you are having trouble getting a high-risk merchant account, “Don’t panic!” We are here to help you. We are full time experts and can get you placed on the very best domestic and offshore solutions available.


As you probably know if you have been in “high-risk” industry for more than a week, trying to get approved can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience. You have most likely already come across a few bad eggs as well as others, who may have good intentions, but simply don’t have the know-how to ever set up a proper credit card processing solution in the first place. Well, you can rest assured that our team is professional and that we have over 15 years experience in this industry. In short, we will get the job done!

Alert: We Will Get You Approved

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If you have been denied multiple times by other high-risk banks, then consider today your lucky day! Yes! We have solid solutions for you. We work with multiple banks scattered across the globe that accept Pharma, Nutra and Tech Support.


The banks we work with are reputable so you don’t have to worry, just relax, and collect your payments. If you are ready to get started processing credit cards simply visit our Get-Started page, fill out your info and 1 of our experts will contact you in under 2 hours! Do it now! If you have questions, you can contact us through: Live Chat at the bottom of this website.