Accept Credit Cards with a Virtual Terminal

Use your laptop, tablet or smartphone

to process credit cards.


HighRisk247 Inc.’s industry leading virtual terminal is the easiest way for merchants to process credit cards securely through their laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Once we link your merchant account with the virtual terminal, our merchant consultant will set you up with your own secured login ID and password and grant your staff access to the virtual terminal with different roles and permission.

You see, a virtual terminal is just a secure web page that lets you process credit card transactions.


How does a Virtual Terminal work?

Step 1. Your customer orders by phone with credit card.

Step 2. You login to the Virtual Terminal.

Step 3. Enter the following details:

           Customer Info – Name, Phone, Email

           Payment Information – Amount, Card Number, CVS

Step 4. Click “Make Payment”

Step 5. You are done!


Now remember, all you need to do is log into your virtual terminal using a regular web browser. Type in the credit card number, the amount and customer’s name, and then click the payment button. The payment is completely secure and you capture the funds instantly.

Everything about the virtual terminal is simple and efficient. If you’d like an email receipt to be automatically delivered to your customer you have the option of including the customer email address.

Take a look at the screen shot below to see just how simple the virtual terminal is to use:

No Hardware Costs

There is a huge cost savings to using a virtual terminal because you don’t need to buy any special hardware. You just use your existing computer, tablet or smartphone.


Multiple users within your company can process at the same time:

Our Virtual Terminal has been designed to allow multiple users at multiple locations at any one time. Perfect in a call centre environment. We also allow different levels of security access for call centre and sales staff.

You can easily assign permission levels to customize what each employee is able to see or access within the system.


SECURITY – Important to You and Your Customers

The virtual terminal works by logging into a highly encrypted page using a standard web browser. Once logged into your account you type in the credit card number, the amount to process and press the payment button. Once submitted, you no longer have access to the card number. In it’s place you get an authorization code which you can use to reference the transaction in the future (for example, if you later want to refund the transaction). You can even go back at a later date and bill the card again!


Support For Refunds, Pre-authorizations, and Recurring Billing

The virtual terminal provides highly advanced functionality. Every type of transaction is supported including pre-authorizations, real time transactions, full and partial refunds, and even recurring billing.

With the recurring billing service you can automatically charge a customer in nearly any amount. You don’t need to store any credit card information in order to do it. Our payment server will store all of the sensitive information and simply send you a transaction report each day for your accounting purposes. You are also able to do 1-off additional payments to any customer that you have billed previously.


Use your iPhone, Android phone, or tablet to process payments anywhere.

One of the biggest advantages of a virtual terminal is that you can use it to process transactions from anywhere – even while in vacation! As long as you have an internet connection you will be able to securely process credit cards from anywhere.

Get Started Processing Credit Cards with the Virtual Terminal Today!

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